A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture

The meaning of the reverse proverb above has recently become increasingly relevant when it comes to AI generated images. Luckily, the Midjourney or DALL·E AI does not require a thousand words to create a great image. A single word can be enough to produce amazing things, if that is good enough. 

However, what is great isn't always what is relevant. Because, Besides just giving Midjourney's AI prompt the correct nouns, it also requires words and sentences to be placed in the correct hierarchical order, with the correct weight relative to the intended and requested context. This is what the Midjourney AI* demands in order to give the creator a relevant image. If you want that kind of images, click the contact button above and read more.

*Despite the meaning of the term AI, an AI is not an intelligence. It is a machine created by human intelligence. A tool. Just like a brush, a record player or a raster graphics editor. In other words, An AI does not create anything useful if the tool is not handled by the intelligence, the spirit and the hand of a living human being.